Money Protector – NYCServers Special Offer


We have partnered with NYCServers to offer all active clients a free copy of our Money Protector EA. For more information view the video below.

*Note – We do not collect your payment information, and you will not be charged*.

Includes 1 license key

*For MT4 ONLY*






In order to receive your free Money Protector license key you must have at least one active service at NYCServers. Please sign up using the same email address that you use at NYCServers.

Once your order has been placed please allow up to a couple hours for us to verify that you are an NYCServers client. Once verified you will receive your free key in your email.

The price tag of $1.00 is a place holder. We do not collect your payment details, and we do not charge you for the order.


Product Overview:


This EA constantly monitors your account, and will automatically close trades for you if certain conditions are met. This helps avoid unexpected downdraw or allows you to lock in profits even when you are away from the computer. Furthermore the EA also features the option to close trades at a certain date and time. This feature is great if you are away from the computer and want to close trades before high impact news events, or before the weekend.

This tool is also very useful for prop trading challenge likes FTMO or My Forex Funds where downdraw is limited.

List of available triggers:

  • Equity drops below
  • Equity reaches above
  • Balance drops below
  • Balance reaches above
  • Floating loss (exact amount)
  • Floating loss (percentage)
  • Floating profit (exact amount)
  • Floating profit (percentage)
  • Time & date trigger

Once a trigger parameter happens the EA can do the following:

  • Close all trades and delete pending orders
  • Close all trades only
  • Delete pending orders only
  • Close all charts (this will remove EAs from charts to prevent further auto trading)
  • Send an email alert
  • Send a mobile alert

What’s Included?

  • Money Protector EA
  • 1 license key
  • Installation guide and instructions
  • One month free VPS offer at NewYorkCityServers
  • Lifetime updates and support