Trend Reversal Scalper EA


This EA is designed to scalp on short term trend reversals for any forex or metal pair.

Includes 3 account authorizations

*For MT4 ONLY*



This EA uses up to 3 x timeframe scanners to identify oversold & overbought areas and scalp the reversal.

Additionally the EA features an automatic news filter which will stop the EA before news events, and start it once the news events are finished.

NOTE – This EA uses a grid style trading system.

What’s Included?

  • Trend Reversal Scalper EA
  • 3 Account authorizations
  • Set file
  • Installation guide & tips
  • One month free VPS offer at NewYorkCityServers
  • Lifetime updates and support

We Recommend:

  • At least $500 balance
  • 1:500 leverage trading account with low spread (Example: ICMarkets, Pepperstone, etc)
  • VPS for 24/7 operation


The EA features an on chart panel and drawing of orders & profits.

The EA allows for multi-timeframe analysis allowing for high probability trading opportunities. 

The EA features a fully automated news filter to stop the EA before news events, and start it once the news events are completed. 

Input Settings


==== General Settings ====

license_key: Enter a license key that was included with your order
comment: comment used for orders placed by the EA
MagicNumer: the magic number of orders placed by the EA
slippage: Maximum slippage the EA will tolerate
Max Spread: Maximum spread the EA will tolerate (0 to disable)
Confirmation Candle: If enable the EA will only execute a trade once price starts to move in our direction. For example the EA detects an oversold area, and wants to enter a buy position. If confirmation candle = true then the EA will wait until after the first bullish candle closes. If confirmation candle = false then the EA will open a buy trade immediately regardless of what the last candle was.
OneTradePerCandle: If set to true then the EA will only open one trade per candle. If set to false then the multiple orders can be placed on the same candle.

==== Order Settings ====

Order Mode: Select between grid or set TP/SL. This EA is designed to use a grid system, although you may test the TP/SL instead.
Lot Size: The opening order lot size
Take Profit, points: The take profit the EA will use when closing orders
Stop Loss, points: The stop loss the EA will use if you are using the TP/SL system. If you are using the grid system then there is no stop loss.

==== Trailing Stop Settings ====

Use Trailing Stop: enable/disable the use of trailing stop
Threshold, points: The threshold at which trailing start will start
Trail, points: The amount of points the trailing stop will trail behind

==== Grid Settings ====

Grid Step, point: The amount of points when a new order will be added to the grid
Grid Step multiplier: Used to increase the grid step distance each time a new order is added to the grid
Lot Multiplier: The multiplier that the lot size will increase by each time a new order is added to the grid

==== Sensitivity Settings ====

SensitivityFilter: Determines the sensitivity at which the EA will detect oversold/overbought zones. The lower the sensitivity the more the EA will trade.
Lookback Period: The look back period of which the EA will use along with the sensitivity to determine oversold/overbought levels.
Timeframe 1 – 3: The timeframes of which the EA should look at. If multiple timeframes are selected then each timeframe must all show oversold/overbought at the same time in order for the EA to take a trade.

==== Time Settings ====

UseTimeFilter: enable/disable the use of the time filter. If disabled then the EA will work at all times.
BusinessHours: If usetimefilter is enabled then these will be the hours that the EA will work.
UseFridayCloseTime: Enable/disable the use of the Friday time filter
FridayCloseTime: If usefridayclosetime is enabled then the EA will stop making new trades at this time. If there is already a grid order open then it will continue to make orders until the grid is closed. No new grids will be open after the Friday Close Time.

==== News Filter Settings ====

Use news filter: Enable / disable the use of the news filter. Enabling the news filter will stop the EA from making trades before news events.
Apply news filter to grid trades: If enabled the EA will add trades to the grid during news events, even when our grid distance parameters are met. If disabled the EA will ignore the news event and continue adding orders to any open grids, but it will not start new grids.
ImpactLow: Enable / disable the EA for low impact news events
ImpactMedium: Enable / disable the EA for medium impact news events
ImpactHigh: Enable / disable the EA for high impact news events
Do not trade before news, min: Set the number of minutes before news events that the EA should stop making trades
Do not trade after news, min: Set the number of minutes after news events that the EA should resume trading.

The remaining inputs are for graphical settings like chart color, draw profit color, etc. You may set them as you’d like, and they will not affect the core operation of the EA.

Live Results & SET Files





Version 1.0 – January 18th 2022

  • Initial Release

Setup Guide